Ana Jeličić

Partner and Senior Facilitator at DesignThinkers Academy Adriatic

Experienced business consultant and trainer, with a consistent background in assisting start-ups and business developments, teaching entrepreneurship and leadership practices within corporate environments, and a partner of Design Thinkers Academy Adriatic.

About the networking session: People centric approach

What does it mean to be people centric? What are the benefits of this approach and what are the tools you could use in order to be people centric? These are one of the questions we will cover on this session so join us and find out the answers!

14:40 - 15:25

06.10.2022 International day

Online networking sessions

1. Employee satisfaction and engagement best practices - Daniel Ackerman

2. Employer branding and digital content strategy - Maja Kvrgić & Sara Milošević

3. People centric approach - Ana Jeličić