Strategic & Production Lead @Content Marketing Pod Ltd

Chris is the Strategic & Production Lead at the Content Marketing Pod Ltd - his content consultancy and production network. His business uses content marketing to enhance employer, education and consumer marketing - help and inspire people first, sell second.

Having an Ad Man father sparked a passion for marketing and Chris built his career on it. The NHS, Havas People, Time Inc. UK, and SMRS have resulted in over 20 years in the agency and media world. Having worked in campus marketing, resourcing, research, and integrated marketing management, Chris has spent 12 years in social media and content marketing.

Chris’s business has worked with employers, retailers, schools and marketing agencies to help them with content strategy, creative strategy, production management, and channel strategy.

Chris is also host of the Employer Content Marketing Pod where he chats with guests about employer marketing through a content marketing lens. His podcast now has over 50 episodes with a variety of guests from the marketing world.


About the session: Kickstart your journey with a back-to-basics approach to employer branding

Being at the start of your employer branding journey is difficult! You don’t have the team, you don’t have the budget, and it’s not seen as a business-critical function, yet! So how do you get started?
Chris shares a back-to-basic approach to employer branding that will help any organisation kickstart their employer branding journey. And it will change the way we look at employer branding! Let’s do this!