Max Hunter

Chief Joy Officer & Founder @Motivators@Work

Max has a passion for making the world of work a place where people wake up on Monday morning and say, “Great, I’m looking forward to going back to work”.
He started this work as Chief Joy Officer on the C-Suite of Loylogic and now takes all those learnings to help other organisations, as co-founder of Motivators@Work, using a framework to understand motivation and giving inspirational talks & workshops.
His non-linear path took him from a PhD in Chemistry, to a 15-year business career in Marketing, to self-employment as a Leadership Team Coach, and now to specialising in bringing people together to co-create a better future for the organisation.


About the session: The Chief Joy Officer and Death by Powerpoint

When the Chief Joy Officer is around, there is never a boring moment.
It’s no secret that your employees are your greatest brand ambassadors. As CJO, Max has helped make organisations great places to work, which of course has made employer branding a LOT easier.
In this very engaging and interactive keynote, you will learn:
1. A simple framework to understand what drives motivation at work
2. How to use this to maximise your employer branding
3. One simple trick you can take back to your organisations the next day to make a difference

Don’t miss out on the chance to learn a new angle on employer branding and be entertained along the way!

17:00 - 17:45

06.10.2022 International day

The Chief Joy Officer and Death by Powerpoint