Steven Brand

Employer Brand Lead @Mambu

As Employer Brand Lead for Mambu, I'm helping make our industry-disrupting financial services platform a well-known name across some of the world's most in-demand talent segments. Prior to Mambu I've held other in-house employer brand roles (at EY and Deloitee for example) as well as positions within creative brand agencies and a major, global recruitment outsourcing business. I bring this range of perspectives - as well as a love for the work and a belief in its importance - to everything I do.


About the session: If they work at your organisation, they are a member of your team

We may never have a massive employer brand team - but that doesn’t mean we don’t have vast resources at our fingertips. Every employee can play a role in the active and consistent management of your employer brand.
That might be as a reviewer of an experience.
It might be taking time to tell your story.
Or using your networks and connections to share it.
It could be sharing your expertise at an event.
Or spending time with candidates going through the recruitment process.

It could take as little as 30 seconds.
It could happen once a year or once a week.
There’s a way that everyone can help, however busy or senior or extroverted or experienced.

Our job then is to enable it to happen.
To communicate clearly what the ask is.
Create systems that are simple to follow.
Develop actions that are easy to take.
Offer variety to appeal to a diverse audience.
Ensure that recognition plays a key role.
Share back success stories and impact metrics to remind everyone what we’re working towards.

We don’t create the stories - we just help make sure they get told.

12:15 - 13:00

06.10.2022 International day

If they work at your organisation, they are a member of your team